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Welcome to Frequency Keepers!

Judith Kahealani Lynne - Sound Healer

There is a special gift at your reach whenever you desire. With this gift you have the ability to lull a baby to sleep, to heal and rejuvenate body, mind and soul, to move mountains, to give birth to new ideas and to know God. What is this gift? It is your voice.

Your Voice is your premiere tool for multi-level health and true happiness!

Aloha everyone! Welcome and thank you for spending a few moments exploring the world of Vocal Alchemy, frequency and sound healing. On your tour of this site, it is my hope that you will be inspired to explore the many ways of working with your voice.

It is a joy to be in service to the world in this way. I eagerly anticipate meeting you and delight in sharing this wondrous journey together as we embody our magnificence and unite in sacred choir as channels for the birth a new creation.

Harmonically yours,

Judith Kahealani Lynne


Partnering With Parkinsons

Currently I am introducing Vocal EnergeticsTM to the Parkinson's community and am very excited to witness the benefits PWPs are experiencing as an effect of my work. To learn more please visit

"Judith Lynne's gatherings have had a powerful, layering impact on my life. Her voice and sound work transports me to calm, peaceful states where my symptoms abate. In her sessions I've experienced synergy of mind, body and soul, where currents run through areas of my body that were formerly dormant and in need of healing. Judith's work has stimulated a true spiritual awakening in me, lifting me many times over into a blissful state. Like a magnet, her gifts and offerings draw me back for more."

~ Cheryl, diagnosed with Parkinson's in Feb 2009

Hawaii Retreats and Trainings with Judith Lynne, 2014

January 19 - 26, 2014

Healing Holiday in Hawaii - January 19 - 26, 2014     Kailua-Kona, HI

A wellness retreat especially designed for people with chronic health conditions.
Go to: for information.

February 9th - 15th, 2014 

2014 Sound Practitioners Training: Kona, Hawaii   February 9th - 15th, 2014

"The Alchemy of The Voice with Judith Kahealani Lynne"

Are you a wellness practitioner? Do you find yourself spontaneously making sounds while working on a client? Are you a singer or musician who loves to chant? Are you drawn to the crystal bowls? As we entered the New Millennium in 2001, many have been called to serve in raising the consciousness of the planet through frequency work with their most effective and invaluable instrument, The Voice.

Are you ready to take your work to a much deeper level? Are you committed to the process of Awakening? 

Attend the 2014 Sound Practitioner's Training and step through the gateway into the extraordinary world of The Voice. Unrivaled by any instrument, the wisdom and loving presence inherent in the human voice are gifts from Source to us and from us to the planet. Bring the full power and potential of the Voice to your work as a sound practitioner, deepening your understanding of the mystical interplay of the frequencies of all creation. In this training we will:

* Learn exercises to build your vocal instrument with increased range, texture, melody, and resonance.

* Learn to breathe in a way that fully supports your sound wave from beginning to end

* Increase the strength and harmonic resonance present in your sound.

* Play with the nature of the elements while you sound with your voice.

* Explore ways to apply the alchemic voice, for clearing, harmonizing and activating people and spaces. 

* Develop the skills necessary for leading groups and meditations.

* Discover your personal pathway for the incorporation of Vocal EnergeticsTM into your practice.

This training is for beginning and intermediate level sound healing practitioners. There are only 6 places available in this intensive. If you feel that one of them is yours, please apply as soon as possible. In your introduction, please include information about where you live and work, what is your work, experience with personal healing and spirituality, and why you are interested to study with me. For information regarding rates,location, schedule, etc. please call Judith Kahealani Lynne at 808-987-8099 OR 503-858-3004 between the hours of 9 am - 7 pm, PST.


Please email Judith if you would
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For further information or to schedule an appointment,
please call 808-987-8099, or email

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In March, 2011 Judith Kahealani Lynne presented at the Parkinson's Recovery Summit in Vancouver, WA. In this video she demonstrates a short form of Harmonic HealingTM.

This link will take you to two videos offering samples of Vocal EnergeticsTM and toning meditation.

Listen to Judith's recent radio interview on Arizona's KFNX 'News Talk Radio' 1100.
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