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Customized Hawaiian Sacred Journeys | Whale watches and Dolphin excursions

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While guiding you through the layers of the Hawaiian experience, Judith Lynne will delight you with tales and chant from Hawaiian history and legend. Your journey will be enhanced by special ceremonies connecting with the mana (energy) of the 'aina (land).

You will be introduced to the customs of the indigenous culture and the appropriate protocols for those who are visiting, creating a bridge between the Western European world of our ancestors and the indigenous world of the Hawaiians. e protocols for those who are visiting. We will activate the sacred rainbow bridge between the Western European world of our ancestors and the indigenous world of the Hawaiians.



Introduction to Pele at Kilauea Crater
Rebirth at Thurston Lava Tube

This experience begins with an early morning meeting with Pele at her home in Volcanoes National Park. Walking with our Ancestors we will bridge cultures and join hearts. As visitors to this island it is important for us to humbly ask permission of Pele and make offerings to her of gifts from our respective cultures. Our prayers will be offered in ceremony at a sacred spot on the rim of Kilauea Crater. With her astounding voice, Judith Lynne will open and activate the sacred portal, attuning each participant to the frequencies of Hawaii. Afterwards we will proceed to Thurston Lava Tube for a re-birthing ceremony followed by breakfast where Judith Lynne will share stories of ancient Lemuria, the "Call" for us to return and the teachings of the Hawaiian elders on the practice of "Aloha".


The southern most tip of the United States, South Point is also the southern most tip of the Hawaiian Islands chain, where the first Polynesian canoes landed in their migration to the islands. This is a place of powerfully wild oceanic activity, where the western and eastern currents converge. The unique energetics here provide the opportunity to align personal will with Divine Will. It is an excellent place for meditation and communicating with those on the other side due to the thinness of the veils.

We will visit an ancient hei'au, where Hawaiian fishermen to this day offer their prayers for an abundant catch. There will be time alone for silent meditation, and afterwards we will meet upon the rocks, near the waters edge for a sound activation, aligning with the frequencies of Divine Creation. To prepare for this journey, bring good sun protective gear, walking shoes, and bottled water, as the sun can be quite intense here. We'll also enjoy a picnic lunch together while being amidst the expansive views of the South Point cliffs and the Pacific Ocean.


A temple to Lono, the Hawaiian god of peace and agriculture, the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau provides a refuge of compassion for the ailing heart, mind and spirit. On this sacred journey we will take a cultural and historical tour of the park grounds followed by time to meditate and journal under the peaceful coconut palms or near the sea turtles as they bask on the sand. As the sun approaches the western horizon, we will gather at the water's edge for a forgiveness and renewal ritual.


Meet the Frequency Keepers of the deep - the whales and the dolphins. Learn about the importance of their sounds in keeping the Earth in balance. Snorkel and swim with marine life in their natural environment. Discover the mysteries that will unfold on our 4-hour boat excursion on the beautiful blue Pacific ocean off the Kona Coast.

For information and reservations please call 808-987-8099 or email: judithlynne@earthlink.net.

Individual and group rates.

Individual and group rates.


"I lei kau, E le i ho'oilo I kealoha"
"Love is worn like a wreath through the summers and the winters
Love is everlasting."     ~ Mary Kawena Pukui.

For more information and to reserve your space,
please call Judith at 808-987-8099 or e-mail info@frequencykeepers.com Testimonials | View Galleries | Sample Schedule

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