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La'au Kahea is an ancient Hawaiian shamanic healing form which means literally "Healing with The Call". Traditionally it was considered the highest form of healing and was reserved as the final healing protocol offered after all others had been applied. When the practitioner of La'au Kahea comes to the session with a pure heart accompanied by a mind attuned to the pool of Infinite Consciousness, she utilizes her voice to open a direct portal to God/Source, connects vibrationally with the frequencies of all the modalities, integrates and harmonizes them, catalyzing healing and awakening at the most profound level.

"The voice of Kahealani is the healing balm of light from Mu, our ancient Motherland. Her voice holds the highest Light, the Sacred Sounds of Creation. Creation is all about Sound. When creation hears the voice of a true La'au Kahea, she answers with the sweetness and joy of Aloha. Heaven and Earth are inspired to open and manifest the Light of God.

In the ancient world of our ancestors, Sound is The Word. It has the power to create and destroy. To be La'au Kahea, one is chosen and gifted from God and the Ancient Ancestors. It means the healer has proven her worthiness of holding the Light of Creation by living in Trust and Integrity to the highest law of creation – Aloha.

Kahealani has lived many, many lives on the Earth, with each lifetime she has held the light high and kept it pure for all to see and partake. Today Kahealani is here once again, using her Kahea to call forth the Light of God within our Souls, to ignite the fire within the core of every cell of our bodies. Every cell pulsates with the Sound of Creation, which is the music of love from our hearts. Therefore we awaken to the truth that we are loved by God, we are children of God, we are children of our Mother Earth. No matter what race we are born into, or where we come from, we are children of God and We Are Love."
~Kahuna Iliana, La'au Kahea and Lomi Lomi practitioner Hilo, Hawaii

In March, 2011 Judith Kahealani Lynne presented at the Parkinson's Recovery Summit in Vancouver, WA. In this video she demonstrates a short form of Harmonic Healing™. http://www.blog.parkinsonsrecovery.com/harmonic-healing-at-the-parkinsons-recovery-summit

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call 808- 987- 8099 or email Info@frequencykeepers.com

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