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judith kahealani lynne Sound Healer

Vocal Alchemist, Judith Kahealani Lynne has dedicated her life to mastering the role of the human voice especially as applied to the process of Awakening. Her musical studies began at the feet of her parents and grandparents, professional musicians, singers and teachers. Later she developed her 5-octave voice through the disciplines offered by Bel Canto, jazz, extended vocal techniques and North Indian classical music. An early initiate into yoga and meditation, her spiritual studies also include Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, classical Tantra, Buddhism, Eco-feminism, and Non-dualism. Her psychological studies include archetypal psychology, regression therapy, and peer counseling techniques. Judith Lynne is a licensed minister and offers her services in Hawaii and Oregon.

In the mid-'90's she developed Harmonic Healing™ and Vocal Energetics™, leading edge sound healing techniques. While living in Hawaii, Judith received the great blessing to work with revered Hawaiian elder and chief Hale Makua, who urged her along the Path of Aloha and patiently encouraged her in the process of Reclaiming Indigenous Mind. In her ceremonies and teaching, she honors the Ancestors, offers a sacred Kahea (call to the heavens), attuning participants to the frequencies of Aloha and the 2012 gateway, and passes the teachings of Makua.

Her work has been featured in books, radio and television and most recently in the award winning DVD, "Vibration for Healing: The Sound You Feel". Currently Judith resides in Portland, OR, visits Hawaii frequently and offers meditations, workshops, private sessions and mentoring internationally in person, via telephone and Skype. Visit for more information.

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If you have questions/ comments or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact judith via Phone or Email.

Phone: 808-987-8099


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