Frequency KeepersTM Global Full Moon Sound Meditation:
Activating the Crystalline Grid

These monthly sound meditations began in Portland, OR in 2000 with the intention of assisting in establishing a higher harmonic for the new millennium. I work regularly with the Angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters, Yeshua (Jesus), Mary, The Council of Light, The Teachers and the Frequency Keepers. Last year I was informed by The Frequency Keepers that it was essential for me to move to the Big Island of Hawaii, to anchor this work in the vortex found there. So I moved to Kona, HI at the end of May, 2002 and began the regular full moon sound meditations near the winter solstice in December. It is imperative that we act now with the power of our sound to pulse the higher frequency of unconditional love into manifestation.

The Frequency KeepersTM Sound Meditation is anchored at the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau, The City of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii. Historically this is the place Hawaiians fled to when they had committed an act of kapu and needed forgiveness. To my knowledge, no violence has ever taken place at the Pu’uhonua. Everyone who visits it is transported by the peacefulness of the place to a deeper knowing of Spirit. Metaphysically there is much more happening there.

My friend Pila Chiles, author of “The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii” says: “Know that your gathering will be a lightning rod at the powerpoint where all souls transit the earthly experience. Know that you are connected to the major vortexes on earth mathematically and that the pahoe hoe lava at Honaunau is a physical, electrical, conductive connection to them through the earth's molten core. A rainbow as your aka can help you more easily focus your transmissions.

DO NOT take these gatherings lightly. This gathering and the inspired gatherings to come from the Big Island are critical at this defining moment and turning point in all history. Such gatherings may mean the diffusing of energies known prophetically as Armageddon.
Aloha blessings to your quest.”

Currently, group sound meditations in Portland and Corvallis, OR are linking formally with us in Hawaii. In addition, student/clients of mine will link from around the world. If you would like to join us, you may do so individually or if possible gather together with a group of friends. Either way a synergy will be created and felt. The intention is to have enough people participating in these meditations, that we create a critical mass in order to shift the dominant frequencies of the planet from fear into love.

Below, you will find a link to simple instructions for introductory Frequency KeeperTM practices, activating the Global Light Grid of Christ Consiousness. I offer these to you and invite you to share them and ask that if you do, you honor the teachings by crediting me,

Judith Lynne.

Sound Meditation Instructions

If you would like to further explore the Frequency KeepersTM Sound Meditation practices or learn more about judith's work and Judith's travel schedule, please email her at judithlynne@harmonichealing.com

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