The Whale Project

During the mid- 90's, I regressed numerous times into the life I lived when Jeshua walked the earth, much of which is documented in the recently released book The Lost Sisterhood by best selling author Julia Ingram. My experiences during these sessions provided a deeper understanding of the connection between the work that was “seeded” then and our current work with the Ascension process. During one of these sessions, heard a voice saying that “the whales are the Frequency Keepers of the Earth in the ocean and the humans are the Frequency Keepers on the land. Not only have the humans forgotten, but most of the whales have, too and those who do remember are in a quandary. If the humans are not going to do their part, then the whales have no alternative but to let go and leave. You are asked to go to Hawaii to work with the humpback whales. Establish communication, sing with them and apply your frequency work to heal this situation.”

Several winters and some personal growth work later this Iowa-born land-lubber began the Whale Project. After experimenting with several different designs, I fashioned a communication device out of PVC pipe, duct tape and inner-tubing and with the support of a helpful boat captain I began my singing and sounding sessions with the whales. Due to the prevailing beliefs and attitudes about the whales and not wanting to attract attention, I decided to “fly under the radar” so to speak.

I continued my work with both whales and humans (or land whales as I like to call them), assisting in the ongoing shifting of the frequencies. We are now approaching the time that the prophecies from many cultures have foretold where the doorway will open and we will shift to a higher octave. The frequencies are accelerating and the work with the whales has become even more important. My visions have shown me that as all the Frequency Keepers of the planet sound together, we will create a powerful charge for the energy grid of the planet and lift it in a burst of wondrous light into the 5th dimension.

I am being called to devote more of my time and energy towards this effort. The signs are that this winter's season with the humpback whales will be very important. My intention is to spend as much time as possible out on the water singing with them. To do this, I am inviting financial support not only to cover the direct costs of the boat and captain, but also to help with my living costs.

Humpback Whale Photo by Judith Lynne taken off
the coast of Hawaii
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Mahalo nui loa.